Cole Haan & Friends

This holiday, we’re partnering with some of the brands
we admire most for a selection of gifts that celebrate
exceptional craftsmanship. Whether it’s breathing new life into
a vanishing craft or following a passion to the four corners
of the world, each of these talented makers has a story that is
told through their products. They make good things and make
good things happen; we’re proud to share their company and
cheer for this festive season.


A Peace Treaty

A Peace Treaty founders Farah Malik and Dana Arbib met in Rome in 2008 and quickly bonded over a love of high fashion and a desire to preserve handcrafting techniques that were quickly becoming extinct. Every season, they travel to a different part of the world and work with local artisans to create distinctive accessories that combine runway flair with ancient traditions.

Exclusive Scarves in 3 Colors/Designs, $225



Frankfurt’s Brandbook is a world-leader in making custom notebooks that are so gorgeous, you’ll feel a bit guilty writing in them. A darling of the design, advertising and fashion industries, they’ve transformed the humble scratch pad into an endlessly fascinating canvas.

Custom Patterned Notebooks, $24.95

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Patrick Buckley and Craig Dalton loved the feel of classic, hand-bound books, but worried that the art of bookbinding was going extinct in an increasingly digital world. With DODOcase, they're adapting tradition to today's technology with their handcrafted cases for phones and tablets, all locally produced in San Francisco.

Custom Patterned iPad Case, $85

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Egg Press

In 1999, Egg Press founder Tess Darrow left her design job at Nike to pursue her passion: letterpress printing. Her handcrafted greeting cards helped drive the resurgence of letterpress printing as an art form and have nurtured a devoted fan base around the world that snatches up the latest limited edition designs.

Exclusive Letterpress Cards Box Set, $25

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Exclusive Cosmetic Zip Case, $88

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F. Hammann

Since 1865, F. Hammann has been producing some of the world's finest leather goods at their factory in Offenbach, Germany. Using traditional methods, their artisans process the raw hides by hand, creating luxurious bags, cases and wallets that are both beautiful and durable.

High Cotton

When Judy Hill's eldest son needed a washable bow tie to wear on his medical school rounds, she sewed him one made out of cotton. She was so pleased with the result that she founded High Cotton to make the best of Southern style available to everyone. All of High-Cotton's ties are hand-cut and hand-sewn in North Carolina from 100% cotton.

Exclusive Bow Ties in 3 Colors/Fabrics, $75

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Histoires de Parfums

Born in the South of France and raised in Morocco, Gérald Ghislain grew up around the heady aromas of the Mediterranean. With Histoires de Parfums, he's building an olfactory library, where each delicately balanced scent tells the story of a personality, a place or an ingredient.

Holiday Fragrance, $125

Available in select stores

Exclusive Lapel Flowers in
6 Colors/Fabrics, $30

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Hook & Albert

When old friends Adam Schoenberg and Cory Rosenberg reconnected at a wedding, they spent the evening bemoaning the sad state of men's accessories. By the end of the night, they had founded hook + ALBERT, dedicated to injecting a modern shot of color and variety into a gentleman's traditional wardrobe.

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Inzpired by the era of American craftsmanship when things were truly built to last, Neil Rasmus and Richard Brandt founded Izola to create gifts for men, designed to be passed down to their sons. Their clever grooming and home goods are functional, whimsical and masculine, with a wonderfully retro sensibility.

5oz Flask with Engraving, $27

Available in select stores

The New York Shaving Company

New York Shaving Company founder John Scala sacrificed everything in his quest to provide men with the finest old-fashioned shave. Their products are crafted in Brooklyn to the same exacting standards as the classic tools our fathers and grandfathers used every day.

Exclusive Box Shaving Kit, $175

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Founded in 1895 in Naples, Fortunato Portolano's accessories business really took off when he made a visionary decision to begin exporting Italian gloves and scarves to North America. Today, his grandsons Aldo and Ivo continue to ensure that the Portolano brand is synonymous with the finest Italian craftsmanship and materials.

Exclusive Cashmere Two-Tone Scarf, $98 - 128

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Same Sky Jewelry

In the wake of the 1994 Rwandan genocide, Francine LeFrak wanted to do something to help HIV positive women there rebuild their lives by learning a trade. She taught them to hand crochet beautiful glass bead jewelry and Same Sky was born. Today, her employees earn fifteen to twenty times the average wage in Sub-Saharan Africa and their distinctive bracelets are coveted worldwide.

Exclusive Prosperity & Short
Wrap Bracelet, $30 - 85

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