Cole Haan currently ships to the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. We also ship to Canada and China. For our shipping policies and options in the United States, Canada and China, please refer to our Shipping Guidelines.
If you’d like to ship outside of the United States, China or Canada, we recommend as a convenient option for you to consider. has partnered with to offer fast and convenient international shipping to more than 225 countries. can provide you with a US street address, receive packages on your behalf, and then ship your order overseas. members receive discounted shipping rates, exceptional customer service, 24/7 online access to their account, and access to other services. also helps prepare customs paperwork for your shipments as part of your membership.

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  1. Choose your subscription, create your account and receive your own address.
  2. Use your new MyUS address provided by when placing your order with Cole Haan.
  3. Once we ship your order, will manage the mail forwarding process to you.
Please note that some items cannot be shipped to international addresses and are not eligible for's services. These restrictions include such items as pressurized cans (e.g. aerosol cans), and hazardous materials (e.g. nail polish). Additional restrictions may apply to your destination; the website has a complete list of prohibited items for different countries.
The unauthorized reselling or distribution of Cole Haan products is prohibited. Orders placed with the intention of exchanging money for product, are against Cole Haan company policy. We have alerts in our system setup to identify such orders. Cole Haan reserves the right to cancel any order, without prior notification to the customer. Obtaining a MyUS membership does not bypass this company policy. If you would like clarification on whether your order is considered "reselling", please feel free to contact Customer Service (see contact information below).
If you choose to use to forward your order outside of the continental United States, Alaska, or Hawaii, then we consider the address to be the destination for your order. Cole Haan’s responsibility for loss or damage to your order ends once it reaches the warehouse safely. We recommend reviewing their insurance options for international shipments before you place your order.


Q. Does Cole Haan accept international credit card payments?
A. Cole Haan only accepts credit card payments for US-based or Canadian billing addresses at this time. Chinese billing addresses are accepted through Alipay checkout.
Q. Is Cole Haan the shipper on record for my international shipment?
A. Cole Haan does not ship outside of the United States, Canada or China, nor to Puerto Rico on its own. If you wish to ship outside these countries, please use to do so. Cole Haan will ship your order to the US address that you have acquired through MyUS.Com.
Q. Does the shipping charge I pay to include charges for my international shipping?
A. For orders, what you pay Cole Haan as shipping charges during the checkout process is for delivery of your purchase to your address only. MyUS.Com will contact you after receiving the shipment to let you know about the international shipping charges. You will pay those charges to MyUS.Com directly. Your international shipping arrangement is not a part of your transaction with Cole Haan.
Q. How are returns, refunds or exchanges handled?
A. Please refer to Cole Haan's Return Policy for details. The Cole Haan product must be returned at your own cost, as the prepaid UPS shipping labels provided in orders are for domestic US shipping only. Exchanges may be shipped to your address free of charge, however all charges to the international address may still apply.
Q. Are international orders subject to additional fraud and security checks?
A. Yes, Cole Haan reserves the right to make additional checks to verify orders going international. These checks might include requests for additional documentation and phone verification. Orders will not ship until all verification is completed and approved.
For questions regarding shipments outside of the United States, Canada and China, please contact at 1-941-227-4444. For other questions please feel free to contact Cole Haan Customer Service at 800.695.8945.