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Cole Haan x Keith Haring

Cole Haan loves Keith Haring.
There was purpose in his paint. Over one of the most consequential decades in American art history, Keith Haring’s playful, powerful, and provocative work transformed New York City and made the world a little more like himself. Discover our special-edition collection of classic styles infused with Haring’s iconic work.

Keith Haring Collection

Keith Haring at different points of life, showcasing his work
Rebel with a cause.
Keith Haring Snake
Haring unapologetically believed and lived the notion that art is for everyone everywhere. Using public spaces across New York City as his canvas, Haring tagged his witty and whimsical illustrations in subway stations, on bare billboards, and empty city walls, in hopes of reaching as broad an audience as possible. His iconic visual language has come to define his own joy and struggles equally, radiating his perspective on life and creativity to every corner of the world.
Keith Haring Art
Rewrite your style.
Keith Haring Icon
Our special-edition collection, featuring ØriginalGrand and GrandPrø Rally styles, is inspired by a similar notion: that exceptional craft, elevated design, and effortless style are meant for everyone everywhere. Some might call this collaboration a perfect fit.
Devilish details.
Explore the full special-edition collection, featuring Haring’s playful, bold outlines and starring some of his most memorable characters, including the snake and the radiant baby. We’ve taken his eclectic, iconic, busy and bold work from the street to your feet.
Keith Haring Icon
© Keith Haring Foundation.
Licensed by Artestar, New York
Keith Haring Art
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