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Close up of white and yellow heels
Cole Haan Sophia Chang collaboration
Cole Haan x Sophia Chang
Our latest capsule collection steps boldly onto the scene with designer and illustrator, Sophia Chang. Discover our special-edition collection of footwear and accessories, infused with vivid color, modern innovation and bold style.
Inspiration all around.
Born and raised in Queens, New York, Sophia Chang has been a frequent collaborator of Cole Haan and credits her community and the sights, sounds, and smells of New York City for providing a rich palette for her artistic aspirations. She joins us again this season with a vibrant collection designed for the woman who isn’t afraid of color or making a statement.
Inside the collection.
The collection features our best-selling GrandPrø Topspin and Grand Ambition York Pump, crafted in full-grain leather and our customer-favorite Grand Ambition Convertible Backpack, featuring a combination of premium leather and satin detailing. All feature Sophia’s playful graphics, which have been brought to life through laser etching on the footwear and silkscreen print on the bag. Gold and scarlet details, inspired by a brilliant summer sunset, punctuate the otherwise neutral color palette, giving us an iconic style that isn’t afraid to command attention.
“I do a lot of things.”
– Sophia Chang
A self-proclaimed hustler, Chang has always valued collaboration and cultivating community through her work. Her signature hand-drawn illustrations combined with digital finishing, result in vivid depictions of words, symbols, objects and people and are filled with intentional hidden surprises to connect artist to audience.
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