How to Clean: Canvas or Stitchlite Shoes

how to clean
Canvas, Fabric, or
Stitchlite™ Knit Shoes
Knit and canvas shoes have stood the test of time as casual wardrobe staples.
The good news is that as effortlessly as your canvas shoes and Cole Haan Stitchlite™ styles get soiled, it can be just as simple to get them sparkling again. Ahead, you’ll discover a step-by-step method to cleaning canvas sneakers and Cole Haan Stitchlite™ styles.

To clean knit, canvas, or Stitchlite™ shoes, you’ll need Cole Haan’s All Purpose Cleaner, a clean cotton cloth, and Cole Haan’s suede cleaner bar/brush.
Close up of women's canvas shoes from Cole Haan
  1. Begin to clean your canvas shoes by starting with the all-purpose cleaner and a cotton cloth.
  2. Apply the all-purpose cleaner all over the shoe.
  3. Using the clean cloth, move the cleaner around and begin to scrub off the debris and dirt.
  1. If you have heavily soiled areas, you can apply the all-purpose cleaner and, using the suede cleaner bar/brush, brush the material. This will help to loosen the dirt on the shoe.
  2. Once dirt and debris are removed, wipe the shoe clean with a clean cloth.
  3. Let the shoe dry completely.

Suede care essentials

Canvas and stitchlite care essentials

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